Organizing My Workspace

There’s nothing like having a clean and organized workspace to get your work done. Living in a teeny tiny apartment as a college student definitely has it’s down side. With two dogs, one bedroom, and my dining room making do as my office, things can get a little messy and out of order. So today, I decided to get re-organized!

When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I decided to turn our dining room table into my desk so I would have room to do projects. So here is my dining room/office. (Hint: it’s never used as a dining room.) And most of my things are stored in my kitchen cabinet. But hey, welcome to the student life.





I feel most organized when I have plenty of pencils (in this case, pencils in an adorable mug) and having plenty of memo pads handy. I also love the cute organizer cube from Threshold at Target to hold all of my magazines and papers.

How do you get re-organized??



Because Sometimes We Feel A Little Worthless

Today I want to post something that has been on my mind this week. It is human nature to have doubts about yourself; and quite often. We are all living this life to accomplish something. To be successful, or loved, or adventurous, or rich. Whatever success means to you, we are here to be successful and to feel a sense of fulfillment. This week I realized what I have been trying to find for the past twenty-two years. Accomplishment. You see, I grew up in a household full of love. I can’t complain at all. That is not what this post is about. All though I had an extremely loving family, I lacked in other areas. My family has a history of feeling self doubt. It’s not hard to lose faith in yourself. And far too often, my family members lost sight of their belief.

My brother was the first kid to go to college. I never dreamed of going to college because I simply felt I would never have the money to go, or the brains and hard work to succeed. But, the day my brother graduated changed my negative thoughts. My brother is one of my biggest inspirations. He has taught me over and over again that whatever I want to do, whatever I dream of, I can make happen. Because of my brother, I have more belief in myself than ever. He is the reason I pushed past my fears and moved across the country from my family so that I could go to college and make something of myself. Unfortunately, we will always have moments of self doubt.

This week I felt that self doubt. I’m approaching graduation and I have so many questions and doubts. Will I be able to find a job? Did I learn all I needed to in school? What if I work retail forever? Why didn’t I work hard enough in school? What am I doing? Will I ever be successful? Those are just a few questions I’ve been asking myself. In moment of clarity on my way home from work, it hit me. I will always have questions like that. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not destined for great things. We all have self doubt. That’s just a fact of life. It’s what we do to stop those negative voices in our minds that really matter.

So here’s my conclusion. If you feel like you are worthless, like you have no talent, no way to make your dreams come true, and you are thinking about giving up because you feel you’ll never be successful; stop. Push through. Read inspirational articles from Tony Robbins, or watch his videos. Let me tell you, they help. Simply realize that everyone is destined for greatness. But getting what you want does not come easy. It takes hard work, perserverance, and a little faith in yourself.

Have a fabulous Thursday!





Hi everyone! Tonight I had a spontaneous moment at my local Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Where hot rollers are $17 and wine coolers are even cheaper. 🙂

Anyway, I picked up some Remington hot rollers! I decided I would try them out because I’m bored with my straightener.

These babies heat up in 90 seconds and set a nice curl in 10-15 min.!


Not to mention, they come in an awesome portable travel case.


They are very easy to use! Just heat, roll, and clip with the color coordinated clips!


Here are the results!




Don’t mind my leopard granny cardi. 😉 it’s super comfy and from Target!


Sweet September

It’s here folks! September. Fall. All things great. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, Football, leggings and boots and of course chunky sweaters. And although there’s not a crisp fall air here in Nashville yet, I’m very excited for September! Not only is my birthday this month, but September is the first official month of the Autumn season. Along with deliciously flavored latte’s, there are fantastic Labor Day deals on fashion! Over the holiday weekend I hit up the mall. Here are my fall fashion findings!


I am all about the flare skirt. Paired with a cute pair of printed tights and black booties, this skirt will be a knockout.

DSC_7213 - Copy

I mean, it’s adorable. This skirt is from Forever21 and all it’s glory.

DSC_7224 - Copy 

I am all about the polka dots this fall. Well, and every season. But, especially this fall.

DSC_7219 - Copy

Blouse and skirt from Forever21.


And of course, this super cute checkered black and white pencil skirt. So comfortable and adorable.

DSC_7228 - Copy

So excited about this amazing short mini skirt with front zippers. I will definitely wear this with a sheer black top tucked in with a pair of knee high black boots! It would also go great with a cropped leather jacket! Skirt is from Forever21.


DSC_7234 (2)

This is my favorite finding!!! Black and red plaid flare cotton dress with a cute black belt!!! Also from Forever21.





I got all if this for $62 and some change with tax!!!!! Forever21 had a huge Labor Day sale! My mini skirts were BOGO!!!

What is your favorite fall piece?