Organizing My Workspace

There’s nothing like having a clean and organized workspace to get your work done. Living in a teeny tiny apartment as a college student definitely has it’s down side. With two dogs, one bedroom, and my dining room making do as my office, things can get a little messy and out of order. So today, I decided to get re-organized!

When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I decided to turn our dining room table into my desk so I would have room to do projects. So here is my dining room/office. (Hint: it’s never used as a dining room.) And most of my things are stored in my kitchen cabinet. But hey, welcome to the student life.





I feel most organized when I have plenty of pencils (in this case, pencils in an adorable mug) and having plenty of memo pads handy. I also love the cute organizer cube from Threshold at Target to hold all of my magazines and papers.

How do you get re-organized??