Meet My Best Friends

Happy National Dog’s Day everyone!!!

Today is very special to me. We get to celebrate our amazingly loyal besties just as we should everyday!

Below are my two very best friends.

Meet Tyson! A one and a half year old Beagle/lab mix who is goofy and playful and also, very loving. He barks at squirrels outside, chases frisbees at the dog park, lays down while he drinks water from his bowl because he’s been outside playing and he’s too tired to stand. This big guy makes me laugh, comforts me when I’m sad. In fact, he licks my salty tears from my face when I’ve had a rough day. He always wants to play and be loved. Yup, he’s my buddy.




Meet Chuck!!!

This sweet loving Boston Terrier is about four years old. He is the most talented snuggler in dog history. He will lay just about anywhere. Whenever I want to snuggle I pull him into my lap and he’s happy to do it. He has the cutest smile and the best snores you’ll ever hear from a Boston. He’s basically my fur baby! A true sweet heart.



I have a huge passion for dogs. They are always there for you. They love you more than you know. If you would like to make a difference in a shelter dogs life, please visit my site

Thanks for stopping by!!

Who’s your best (fur) friend forever?? BFFF




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