What It’s Like To Be A Fashion Student At A Closing School

In 2011, I made a big decision. My enrollment at an art school. I had big dreams of being a fashion student and even bigger dreams of having a fashion career. Signing all of those student papers was the biggest day of my life. Little did I know that two months later I would find out that the expensive college would be closing down.

My first day of school was… Different. There were maybe eight vehicles in the parking lot and even fewer students walking throughout the halls. I thought maybe it was because I started in December. Art schools don’t have semesters. They have terms. There are five terms in a school year and my first term happened to start two weeks before Christmas. Not even half way through the term it came to my knowledge that the school was in a “teach out”. I had no idea what that meant. When I asked a class mate, they told me that our school would be closing after my class graduates. It didn’t really occur to me then that this would have a huge impact on my education. Shortly after I heard the news, I started experiencing the change in education. Teachers were being let go. The teachers they kept were doing the bare minimum because they knew they would soon be let go too. Pretty soon, classes consisted of sitting around for thirty minutes before even getting to the lesson. I’m pretty sure throughout my whole college education, my biggest class was six students. Teachers stopped caring. I mean you could literally miss school for weeks and not turn in much work and still have an A+.


This affects my class mates and I in the way that there aren’t other students to network with. They stopped school events such as trips and extra curricular activities. Unfortunately, through all of this change, one thing remained the same. The cost of tuition.


The fashion industry is a very competitive field. It is very overwhelming knowing that I have not received proper education to shine in this industry. Fortunately, I have the drive and a dream. I can only hope those two things take me far.

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