Sometimes I Like To Cook

 Growing up my Mom didn’t teach me a lot about cooking. It’s not because she didn’t want to. Her nurturing soul preferred preparing everything for her family. That’s fine. Unfortunately, it has left me with no cooking skills. Being a college student and living on taco bell has served me well. But, bean and cheese burritos only add on the pounds and lack proper nutrition.

When I moved in with my lovely boyfriend nearly two years ago, I realized I needed to start learning how to cook. I’ve taken it upon myself to become the next Suzy homemaker. So far, I’ve master grilling, frying, and baking chicken; chopping, dicing, mincing veggies; and no one makes pasta like I do. (Well, I guess I’m being a little cocky there.) 😉

Anyway, tonight I made Broccoli Chicken Alfredo and mastered the impossible task of popping Texas Toast in the oven for seven minutes. 😉 Here’s how it turned out.1526981_10152253741297190_357834387441635784_n10620702_10152253741912190_3582829639318068873_n




I hope you’re hungry now! Bon Appetite!




2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Like To Cook

  1. I left home with no cooking skills as well. Discovering the joys of cooking a in my own kitchen has been very fun though. Pasta dishes are my favourite kind of meal to make. 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your Broccoli Chicken Alfredo. 🙂


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