Getting Ready For Fall Y’all

Out with the old and in with the new. At least, that’s how the saying goes. This summer has been everything but boring. But, I’m definitely ready for Fall! After all, the autumn is my favorite season of the year. It’s almost time for pies, pumpkin spice latte’s, sweaters, Leggings, crisp fall air, orange leaves, Football (even if I don’t like sports), dark lips, scarves, and oh so much more. I can’t wait!!!! That being said, I organized my closet this evening in preparation for Fall.

Bye bye bright colors!


Hello scarves!


Luckily, heels are in style all four seasons!


Fall fashion is my favorite! There’s nothing better than knee high boots, boot socks, scarves, plaid, herringbone fabrics, leather jackets, mittens, and a sexy dark red lip.

Hope you’re already for Fall!



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